Submission deadline: 21 May 2019

Abstracts are invited on the following topics:

 A. Energy Storage Technologies

  1. Innovative Batteries
  2. Pumped Storage Hydro
  3. Hydrogen etc

 B. Integration of Wind Power into Energy Systems

  1. Wind Energy Integration into grid
  2. Grid strengthening through Grid Friendly Renewable Energy Generation
  3. Smart Grid Technologies
  4. Managing variability
  5. Wind Forecasting Techniques
  6. Assessment of Generation Flexibility

 C. Integrated Solutions: Round the Clock/Year Renewable Energy Supply

  1. Hybrid Systems both on and off grid
  2. 100% renewable energy systems 
  3. Off-grid Wind Energy Systems
  4. Virtual Power Plants
  5. Sector coupling
  6. Renewable Energy mini grids 

 D. Supporting Emerging Renewable Energy Markets 

  1. National, Regional and International Wind Energy Policies and Regulations
  2. New and Innovative Legislation for  Increasing Wind and Solar Penetration
  3. Development of Wind Markets around the World
  4. Finance and Business Models
  5. Specific Financing Strategies applied to Brazilian Market
  6. Capacity Building, Training and Education
  7. Environmental Impacts
  8. Impact on Human Health 
  9. Zero Emission/Zero Carbon Energy Transition

 E. Community Power

  1. Community-based Wind and RE Models
  2. In the developed world and
  3. In the developing world and in emerging economies
  4. 100% renewable energy communities 

 F. Wind Technology

  1. Cutting-edge innovation in Wind Turbine Technology
  2. Wind Farm Development
  3. New Strategies for Operation and Maintenance of Wind Farms
  4. Resource Assessment
  5. Supply Chain and Logistics
  6. Off-shore Wind Farms 

 G. Solar and Other Renewable Energy Technologies

  1. Solar
  2. Hydro
  3. Bioenergy
  4. Geothermal 

 H. Renewable Energy in Transportation 

  1. Electric vehicles 
  2. Biofuels 
  3. Aviation and shipping 
  4. Hydrogene 

 There will also be an “All the Renewables” Session.

 Abstracts format:

All abstracts should be written in English, be concise and clearly state results, objectives or key components of the paper – as well as the topic to which it belongs. They should not exceed 500 words and should contain a list of key words.